Major and Minor Degree Requirements

Major Requirements - 11 courses

Students will take a total of 11 Politics courses - 2 lower-division and 9 upper-division courses. 


(2) Lower Division Requirements

POLI 1-  Politics: Power, Principle, Process, And Policy

POLI 3 - Keywords: Concepts In Politics

POLI 4- Citizenship And Action

POLI 17- U.S. And The World Economy

POLI 20- American Politics 

POLI 21– Governing The Golden State 

POLI 60- Comparative Politics

POLI 61- Politics Of Social Policy

POLI 70 - Global Politics


(4) Upper Division Elective Requirements

POLI 100- Politics Writing-Intensive Seminar

POLI 101- Introduction To Research Methods 

POLI 102- Doing Research

POLI 103- Feminist Interventions

POLI 108- Revolt, Rebellion, Revolution

POLI 110- Law And Social Issues

POLI 111A- Constitutional Law

POLI 111B- Civil Liberties

POLI 112- Women And The Law 

POLI 113- Feminism And The Body

POLI 114- Thinking Green: Politics, Philosophies, And Practices Of Sustainability

POLI 115- Foundations Of Political Economy

POLI 116- Comparative Law

POLI 117- Manufactured Truth And Narratives Of Power

POLI 118- Critical Political Thought And Critical Theory

POLI 121- Racism & Justice In America

POLI 122- Politics, Labor, And Markets

POLI 124- Economic Inequality In America

POLI 125- Political Organizations In American Politics

POLI 127- Parties And Partisanship In American Politics

POLI 128- American Elections And Voting Behavior

POLI 129- Policies And Politics Of American Defense

POLI 132- California Water Law And Policy

POLI 133- Law Of Democracy

POLI 134- Congress: Representation And Legislation

POLI 135- Immigration Policy And Debate In The U.S. 

POLI 136- Applied Public Policy 

POLI 141- Politics Of China

POLI 143- Comparative Post-Communist Politics

POLI 144- Andean Politics

POLI 146- The Politics Of Africa

POLI 147- The Politics Of Territorial Conflict

POLI 148- Social Movements

POLI 149- Democratic Transitions

POLI 151- Politics Of Law

POLI 153- Urban Politics

POLI 154- The Philippines And The World

POLI 158- Law And Politics Of Memory 

POLI 161- The Rise Of China 

POLI 162- Globalization And The Environment: Trade Complements And Conflicts

POLI 163- U.S. Foreign Policy

POLI 165- Global Organization

POLI 166- Politics Of Migration

POLI 167- Politics Of International Trade

POLI 168- Topics In International Relations And Global Politics

POLI 169- Politics Of Development 

POLI 170- International Environmental Politics

POLI 172- Liberalism, The State, And The War On Terror

POLI 173- Disability, Law, & Politics

POLI 174- Global Political Ecology

POLI 175- Human Rights

POLI 176- Politics, Security, Energy & The Environment Along The Mighty Mekong

POLI 179- Global Climate Change Politics

POLI 182- The Power To Punish

POLI 184- Shariah And Political Thinking: Law And Politics In Modern Islamic Thought

POLI 185- Political Psychology

POLI 186- Global Health Politics

POLI 187- Decolonial Global Health: A View From The Middle East And Africa

POLI 189- Pandemics, Politics, And Global And Community Health


(4) CORE Requirements (2 courses from one subfield, 1 from a second subfield, and 1 from a third subfield)


POLI 105A- Ancient Political Thought

POLI 105B- Early Modern Political Thought

POLI 105C- Modern Political Thought

POLI 105D- Contemporary Political Theory: Modernity And Its Discontents

U.S Politics

POLI 120A- Congress, President, And The Court In American Politics

POLI 120B- Society And Democracy In American Political Development

POLI 120C- State And Capitalism In American Political Development


POLI 140A- European Politics

POLI 140C- Latin American Politics

POLI 140D- Politics Of East Asia

POLI 140E- Middle East Politics 

Global Politics/International Relations 

POLI 160A- Theories Of International And World Politics

POLI 160B- International Law

POLI 160C- Security, Conflict, Violence, War

POLI 160D- International Political Economy

(1) Senior Comprehensive Requirement 

Poli 190A-Z seminar

Extra Elective Option (requires completion of a 5th and 6th elective, one must include Poli 199F)

Poli 200 level graduate seminar (must obtain faculty approval to enroll)

Senior Thesis, Poli 195A, 195B & 195C (must secure faculty sponsorship prior to enrollment) 


Minor Requirements - 6 courses

To complete a minor in Politics, students must complete one Politics lower-division course numbered 1-70 (pass with a grade of a C or better), four CORE classes (2 Core in one subfield and 2 in a second subfield), and one upper-division elective (any course numbered 100-189).

1 Lower division requirement (any Politics course numbered 1-70)

4 CORE requirements (2 classes in one subfield and 2 classes in a second subfield)

1 Upper-division elective requirement (any course numbered 100-189)