Students take 2 courses during the program: The centerpiece of the program is a 12 unit internship seminar (UCDC 194A/B). This seminar features group meetings and tutorial sessions related to the student's internship placement. Each student completes a research paper, which is an essential component of the Washington program. For many students it is the most extensive paper they will write as a college student. Yet it is also the paper for which they will have the most support and feedback through the faculty sponsor, teaching assistants and internship supervisor. Students also have access to excellent research resources in the Washington area. Thus, our expectations are high.

In addition, each student may choose one upper-division elective course from a range of classes offered by faculty in residence. These elective classes are 4-5 units each, and are in several disciplines, including selections from the social and natural sciences, arts and humanities. All courses take advantage of Washington's unique resources for study and research.

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