Placement History

The Politics Department has a strong record of placing its Ph.D. students in jobs. UCSC Politics Ph.D.s have taken positions in political science and other disciplines. They work in major research-focused institutions and in teaching-focused liberal arts colleges alike. Please note that the following list is not comprehensive.

Juan Diego Prieto
Ph.D. 2019
Carleton College, Oden Postdoctoral Fellow

Alena Wolflink
Ph.D. 2019
University of Denver

Jess Whatcott
Ph.D. 2019
San Diego State University

Aaron Augsburger
Ph.D. 2018
University of South Florida

James Beneda
Ph.D. 2017
Defense Personnel and Security Research Center

Sandra Harvey
Ph.D. 2017
University of California, Irvine

Eric Crosbie
Ph.D. 2016
University of Nevada, Reno

Jasmine Syedullah
Ph.D. 2014
Vassar College

Charles Olney
Ph.D. 2014
University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley

Sarah Mak
Ph.D. 2013
Queen Mary University of London

Sarah Romano
Ph.D. 2012
Lesley University

Theresa Enright
Ph.D. 2012
University of Toronto

Alexander Keller Hirsch
Ph.D. 2012
University of Alaska - Fairbanks

Sandra Alvarez
Ph.D. 2012
Chapman University

Corina McKendry
Ph.D. 2011
Colorado College

Sara Benson
Ph.D. 2011
University of California, Los Angeles - UC President's Posdoctoral Fellow

Rebecca Hester
Ph.D. 2009
Virginia Tech

James Rowe
Ph.D. 2009
University of Victoria, British Columbia

Paul Viotti
Ph.D. 2008
California State University, Chico

Heather Turcotte
Ph.D. 2008
University of Connecticut

Kea Gorden
Ph.D. 2008
College of Charleston

Pascha Bueno Hansen
Ph.D. 2008
University of Delaware

Irma Sandoval
Ph.D. 2006
National Autonomous University of Mexico