Required Forms and Other Print Materials

Below are some of the most commonly required forms.

  • Politics Independent Study Request Form

    Any graduate student requesting an individual/research study course in Politics must complete this
    form by the end of the 5th day of instruction in any quarter. Upon approval of this form by the
    Faculty Sponsor and upon submission of it to the Politics Department Graduate Program
    Coordinator, the student will be issued their schedule number.

  • Application for In-Absentia Status (pdf)

    Students whose research or study requires that they remain outside the State of California for an entire quarter may qualify for a reduction of the University Registration and Education Fees and exemption from all local campus fees. In-absentia students pay 15% of the Registration Fee and Educational Fee. Non-residents of California must pay full non-resident tuition when applicable. An application to register in this status must be submitted at least one month prior to the first day of the quarter for which you are requesting this status.

  • Graduate Withdrawal Form (pdf)

    This petition is to be filed by any graduate student who wishes to withdraw from enrollment after the beginning of the quarter.
  • Application for the Master's Degree (pdf)

    Complete this and obtain your thesis committee’s signatures and department's signatures to graduate with either a terminal or non-terminal Master’s Degree.

  • Application for Part-Time Status (pdf)

    A part-time graduate student is one who has approval to enroll for one-half (or less) of the regular course load of fifteen credits. If you are approved for part-time status but enroll for more than eight credits, you will be assessed full registration fees. You may not enroll in more than eight credits, later drop a course and be considered a part-time student. A part-time graduate student will pay the full Registration Fee, one-half the Educational Fee, and all other campus fees including the Health Insurance Fee. Students may be able to opt out of the mandatory health insurance.

    The department will approve part-time status, when, in the opinion of the faculty, there is clear justification based upon considerations of academic progress, career employment, family responsibilities, or health conditions.

    Part-time students may eligible for fellowship support, but appointments in student academic titles, such as Teaching Assistant or Graduate Student Researcher, cannot exceed .25 FTE.

  • Request for Leave of Absence (pdf)

    A Leave of Absence is granted for sound educational reasons, health reasons, financial problems, or family responsibilities and is valid for no more than one year, but may be extended if there is sufficient justification. The use of University faculties is not permitted while on leave.

    All financial aid (GSA, TA, Fellowship) terminates on the effective date of this leave. Any University employment, staff or academic, must be reported to Graduate Studies.

    Readmission will automatically be effective for the quarter of return you have indicated, provided that your total leave time is three quarters or less. The Registrar's Office will mail you a registration bill at the address listed in AIS. Readmission is contingent upon any conditions set by the Department and/or the Graduate Dean.

    Students who are advanced to candidacy and take a leave of absence forfeit eligibility for any future In-Candidacy Fee Offset Grant (ICFOG).

    Students who fail to reestablish contact with their department within thirty days following the expiration of an approved Leave will be administratively withdrawn from the University and need to apply for admission.

  • Application for Readmission

    For students who withdrew to be readmitted and resume their graduate education.
  • Report of Language Requirement

    Must be completed by faculty who have examined the student for the faculty’s program’s language requirement for doctoral students. Faculty should complete and submit with or before submitting the student’s qualifying examination committee members.
  • Petition for Summer Graduate Individual Studies

    For students to enroll in an independent study course for any summer session term.
  • Committee Nomination of Ph.D. Qualifying Examination (pdf)

    For students preparing for their qualifying examinations. The committee must be approved by the vice provost and dean of the Graduate Division before the exam takes place.

  • Report on Qualifying Exam

    Completed by a student’s qualifying examination committee and forwarded to the Division of Graduate Studies. After passing qualifying exams, the student advances to candidacy.

  • Nominations for Dissertation Reading Committee (pdf)

    Requests approval from the Division of Graduate Studies for a student’s dissertation reading committee. Committee must have at least three members, and at least half of the committee must be members of the UC Santa Cruz Division of the Academic Senate.

  • Thesis and Dissertation Submission

  • Degree Application (Graduation) & Commencement

  • Doctoral Exit Packet