Course Support and Research Opportunities

Graduate Student Researchers

Current graduate students receive notice of opportunities to assist Politics faculty with projects as a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR). Additionally, the Legal Studies Program employs a GSR each year. Please read the June 3, 2021 petition by the UAW to represent UC Gradate Student Researchers

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant positions can only be filled by registered graduate students. Occasionally the Politics Department hires qualified graduate students from other departments on campus when we do not have enough Politics graduate students available to fill all our positions. If you are a UCSC graduate student in a discipline other than Politics, please contact for information.

Course Assistants

Course Assistants are hired for courses when qualified Teaching Assistants are not available, and perform essentially the same duties as a TA. Course Assistants must have an undergraduate degree and the appropriate academic background for the specific course. Those interested in being considered for future quarters should contact for information.


Readers for courses can be anyone with the appropriate background for the course, student or non-student. Readers are hired for a maximum number of hours per course, which will vary. The Politics department maintains a list of names for those interested in being considered for reading positions. The instructor will contact you if there is an open position. Those interested in being considered for reading positions in Politics courses should contact for information.