Research Areas of Convergence

This page highlights some of the areas and topics that bring together the research interests of multiple members of the Politics faculty. These constitute bases for collaboration in the form of ongoing converstions, advising of students, engagement with guest speakers, and joint funding proposals. While hardly an exclusive list, it conveys specific points of shared enthusiasm and helps prospective graduate students envision promising directions for their own projects. Please visit individual faculty pages for complete information on current research.

American Political Development

  • Transformations of welfare state, drug control, labor policy (Bertram)
  • Changing conceptions of equality of opportunity and racial inequality (Brown)
  • Antidiscrimination law (Meister)
  • State politics and electoral institutions (Springer)
  • Congress, politics of military policy (Wirls)

Democratic Politics: Social and Institutional Foundations

  • American electoral institutions and voter turnout (Springer)
  • Prospects for non-aggressive collective political association (Lipschutz)
  • Preference formation and transformation (Pasotti)
  • Civil society in post-Soviet Russia (Urban)
  • Congressional arrangements and conceptions of democracy (Wirls)
  • Emerging civil society organizations in China (Read)
  • Law and courts (Brown, Massoud, Wirls)

Political Economy

The Politics of Asia

  • Philippine Politics (Eaton)
  • British Colonial India (Seth)
  • Philippine Nationalism (Thomas)
  • Chinese and Taiwanese politics (Read)

The Politics of Latin America

  • Territorial conflict (Eaton)
  • Federalism and decentralization (Eaton)
  • The Politics Department works closely with LALS in instruction and advising

Race, Ethnicity and Politics

  • Racial inequality since the end of slavery (Brown)
  • Rights, recognition and reconciliation (Meister)
  • European conceptions of difference (Seth)

The Developing World

  • International law and development (Massoud)
  • Quality of democracy in transitional states (Read)
  • Party and electoral systems (Eaton)
  • Rule of law in conflict settings — Sudan and Somalia (Massoud)

The Politics of Language

  • Philosophy of language (Mathiowetz)
  • Framing and preference formation (Pasotti)
  • Natural languages and nationalization (Thomas)
  • Ideology and discourse analysis (Urban)

City Politics

  • Mayors and urban branding (Pasotti)
  • Neighborhoods (Read)
  • Decentralization (Eaton)

Post-Colonial Theory and Nationalist Discourse

  • Politics of memory (Meister)
  • The Americas and India in British colonial imagination (Seth)
  • Orientalism and political identity in the Spanish colonial world (Thomas)
  • Colonial and postcolonial law (Massoud)

Early Modern European Political Thought

  • Political thought of Thomas Hobbes (Mathiowetz, Seth)
  • Emergence of political-economic discourse (Mathiowetz)
  • Pre-modern and modern notions of selfhood (Seth)

Informal and Translocal Political Organization

  • Constitution and fragmentation of political movements, especially around environment and security (Lipschutz)
  • Patronage politics in Southern Italy (Pasotti)
  • State-sponsored local associations in China and Taiwan (Read)
  • Human rights and social movements (Massoud)