Year End Reception

The Politics Department and Legal Studies Program celebrate their graduating classes with a ceremony and reception at the end of spring quarter. The event also recognizes Politics doctoral degree recipients. Every student in attendance is recognized during the ceremony.

The 2018 event was held at the Merrill Provost House on June 15.

Student speakers were Maya Novak-Herzog (Politics) and Umi Santillan (Legal Studies).

Faculty presenters were Dean Mathiowetz (Politics), Elizabeth Beaumont (Legal Studies), and Ben Read (Politics Graduate Program). 

Staff member Marianna Santana was honored for her 35th year of campus service. 

  • Merrill Provost House front door
  • Merrill lawn - with chairs set up for audience
  • Student speaker addresses crowd
  • baby holding an adult's hand
  • Liz Beaumont reads Legal Studies student names
  • Dean Mathiowetz at podium, Jerry Diaz handing certificates to students
  • students with certificates lined up
  • Ben Read at podium, five doctoral recipients face the crowd
  • Mariana Santana stands to the left of the podium
  • the crowd dispersing
  • empty chairs in the foreground; students, guests and faculty in the background
  • a student poses for a photo
  • a student poses for a photo next to the podium
  • Professor Roger Schoenman talks with a student
  • Professor Elizabeth Beaumont talks with a student and her family
  • Professor Melanie Springer poses with students
  • Marianna Santana and Lorato Anderson
  • Professor Eva Bertram poses with student speaker Maya