New books by Politics faculty

July 24, 2019

Seven Politics professors have published major books in the last few years:

Kent Eaton, Territory and Ideology in Latin America: Policy Conflicts between National and Subnational Governments (Oxford University Press, 2019) [Go to Press Catalog]

Sara Niedzwiecki, Uneven Social Policies: The Politics of Subnational Variation in Latin America (Cambridge University Press, 2018). [Go to Press Catalog]

Mark Fathi Massoud, Law's Fragile State: Colonial, Authoritarian, and Humanitarian Legacies in Sudan (Cambridge University Press, 2013). [Go to Press Catalog] [Law and Society Association award]

Benjamin L. Read, Roots of the State: Neighborhood Organization and Social Networks in Beijing and Taipei (Stanford University Press, 2012). [Go to Press Catalog]

Roger Schoenman, Networks and Institutions in Europe's Emerging Markets (Cambridge University Press, 2014). [Go to Press Catalog]

Melanie Jean Springer, How the States Shaped the Nation: American Electoral Institutions and Voter Turnout, 1920-2000 (University of Chicago Press, 2014). [Go to Press Catalog]

Megan Thomas, Orientalists, Propagandists, and Ilustrados: Filipino Scholarship and the End of Spanish Colonialism (University of Minnesota Press, 2012). [Go to Press Catalog]