Nov 8-9: Southwest Workshop on Mixed Methods Research

Location: Humanities 1, Room 210

October 12, 2018


 This event is free and open to the public. Thank you to our sponsors!


9:15am Welcome and Introductions

9:30-11:30am  Master Class: The Practice of Multi-method Research: Mixing Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

Kendra Koivu, University of New Mexico (co-authored with Jason Seawright)

Chair: Sara Niedzwiecki, UC Santa Cruz

Discussants: Marissa Brookes, UC Riverside and Jennifer Cyr, University of Arizona

11:30am-1:00pm  Break

1:00-2:45pm  Multilevel Research, Concept Formation, and QCA: The (Mixed) Method of it All

Tomas Dosek, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: "Multilevel research design: Case selection, causality, and scope conditions"

Alissandra Stoyan, Kansas State University: "Concept formation: Consequences of Constituent Assembly Reforms for Democracy"

Dawid Tatarczyk, Albion College: "QCA and process tracing to study the political influence of the Catholic Church"

Chair: Nicholas Weller, UC Riverside

Discussant: Diana Kapiszewski, Georgetown University

2:45-3:15pm  Coffee Break

3:15-5:00pm  Peace and Conflict: A Mixed Record?

Stephen Omar El-Khatib and Stephanie DeMora, UC Riverside: "The Muslim Next Door: How Proximity to Mosques Impacts Political Attitudes"

Aditi Malik, College of the Holy Cross: "Party Lifespan and Elite Incentives for Electoral Violence: Kenya and India"

Kai Thaler, UC Santa Barbara: "Civil Wars as Critical Junctures: Theoretical Grounding and Empirical Applications"

Giuditta Fontana, University of Birmingham: "Peace-building and cultural reform"

Chair: Jessica Trounstine, UC Merced

Discussant: Colin Elman, Syracuse University



9:00-10:30am  Culture and the State: Sending Mixed Signals?

Mneesha Gellman, Emerson College: "Cultural competence and indigenous youth: Oaxaca and California"

Iza Ding, University of Pittsburgh: "Performance governance through language and symbols in China"

Ajay Verghese, UC Riverside: "Secularization with Hindu characteristics"

Chair: Adam Millard-Ball, UC Santa Cruz

Disscussant: Ben Read, UC Santa Cruz

10:30-11:00am Coffee Break

11:00-12:45pm  State Capacity and Service Provision: A Mixed Bag?

Jessica Rich, Marquette University: "Building State Capacity in New Democracies: Executives, International Organizations, and Brazil's New Pockets of Efficiency"

Jami Nelson-Nunez, University of New Mexico: "Service-provision in Peru: NGOs and mayoral collaboration"

David Amaral, UC Santa Cruz: "What anti-homeless policies in San Francisco teach us about city power"

Elise Pizzi, University of Iowa: "Environmental protection as development: policy poverty, and land use in rural China"

Chair: Kent Eaton, UC Santa Cruz

Discussant: Alison Post, UC Berkeley