Graduate Student Directory

Tamara Ortega-Uribe

Honors, Awards and Grants


·       Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant, 2021.

·       Equal Opportunities Scholarship for doctoral studies in the Unites States. Fulbright BIO, 2017.

·       University of Chile. Grants for research trip. Full scholarship for the Doctoral course in Social Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina; Social-historical Studies: Power and The State, September-October 2014.

·       University of Chile. Program The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF). Foundation Tokio. Half Scholarship for MA in History. April-September 2014.

·       Autonomous University of Mexico. Inter American Institute for Global Change Research. Full scholarship for participating in intensive course Socio-Ecological Systems Management to Support Decision Making. February-March 2014.

·       Competition of Thesis Students, Chamber of Deputies of Chile. Grant to develop thesis, BA in Sociology (2007).

Selected Publications


·       Ortega, T. (forthcoming). Time and territorial variations of state response and local action in three socio-environmental conflicts over mining in Chile. In McCall, M., Napoletano, B., Boni, A., Ricco, T. (Eds.) Territorialising space in Latin America: processes and perceptions. Springer Nature. The Latin American Studies Book Series.

·       Ortega, T. (Ed.) (2019). Feminismo popular y territorios en resistencia: La lucha de las Mujeres en Zona de Sacrificio en Resistencia, Quintero-Puchuncaví. Fundación Heinrich Boll Stiftung, Fundación Emerge, Santiago.

·       Ortega, T., Cuevas, C. (2018). Leftist implications and balance of power in Frente Amplio. Ideological time (without ideologisms). Wild Politics Journal, Nº 2, January, pp. 5-9.

·       Ortega, T., Cáceres, F. y M. López (2017). Populism as a pop concept: reflections to overcome conceptual discretion and dispute common sense. Trama Journal, Nº 2, September, pp. 12-17.

·       Ortega, T. et al. (2014). Transdisciplinary studies in socio-ecosystems: Theoretical considerations and their application in Latin American contexts. Journal Environment Research, Science and Public Policy. México. Vol. 6, Nº 2, pp. 109-122.

·       Ortega, T. (2014). Criminalization and concentration of urban poverty in segregated neighborhoods. Symptoms of the ghettoization of La Pintana. Santiago of Chile. EURE Journal, N°40 (120), 241-263

·       Aburto, A., & Ortega, T. (2013). Struggling of strata or class struggle? Theoretical reflection and a look at Chile mobilized. Journal Actuel Marx Interventions, N° 15. LOM Editions, Santiago.

·       Ortega T. & Marín, T. (2011). Transparency in the Municipal Management in Neighborhoods: A Citizen’s perspective. Chilean Institute of Municipal Studies. Iberoamerican Journal of Municipal Studies. Year II, Nª3. Santiago.

·       Ortega, T., López M. & Arredondo, F. (2008). Citizen Safety and Communitary Participation in exclusion contexts: La Pintana’s Case. Fifth Congress of Violence and Delinquency Research. Edited by: Institute of Sociology, Pontifical University Catholic of Chile – Foundation Citizen Peace, Santiago.

Selected Presentations


·       LASA 2021. “Crisis global, desigualdades y centralidad de la vida”. Virtual Congress. Conference “Variaciones temporales y territoriales en tres conflictos socioambientales emblemáticos por producción minera en Chile. Respuesta estatal y resistencias al despojo”. May 2021.

·       LASA 2019. “Nuestra América: Justice and Inclusion”. Boston, USA. Conference “Socio-historical conditions of environmental institutions in the motor of the Chilean economy. Evolution from the developmental state to the neoliberal democratic transition”. May 2019.

·       First world forum of critical thinking. Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO). Conference “Prefigure new routes of the state-society relationship based on action of Chilean Frente Amplio”. November 2018.

·       II Latin American Congress of Political Ecology, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. Catholic University of the North – Institute of Archeology and Anthropology San Pedro de Atacama – Center for Intercultural and Indigenous Studies (CIIR) – University of Chile: “Nature and the State at the service of capital. Debates and environmental policies in copper mining in the second half of the 20th century”. November 2016.

·       IX Chilean Congress of Sociology (Pre-ALAS). Catholic University of Maule – Sociology Network of Chilean Universities: Defeat of old concepts and militancy. After the Parties, do the anti-state multiplicity live?”. October 2016.

·       XXI Conference on the History of Chile. (In) Security, State and Social Transformations. University of Bio-Bio: “Business interests in the adoption of environmental policies in copper mining in Chile. From state acquiescence to hybridization. 1965-1997” and “Evolution of the Environmental Policies of copper mining in Chile. The link between State, Dependence and Development, 1965-1997”. November 2015.

·       VIII Chilean Congress of Sociology 2014 and Pre-Alas Meeting 2015. FLACSO and Sociology Network of Chilean Universities: "On a proposal of disciplinary hybridization: notes from a historical sociology of the State and the environmental policies of the second half of the 20th century". October 2014.

·       III History Conference for M.A. students. University of Santiago Chile and University Alberto Hurtado: “Notes for a historical sociology of the State”. August 2014.