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Andrew Meyer
  • Title
    • PhD Candidate
  • Division Social Sciences Division
  • Department
    • Politics Department
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    • Merrill College Academic Building, 123
  • Mail Stop Merrill/Crown Faculty Services
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    • 1156 High St.
    • Santa Cruz CA 95060

Research Interests

Settler colonial theory -- violence and force, settler subjecthood or settlerness, and nonmetaphorical decolonization; Palestine studies; Zionist political thought; Marxist theory.

Biography, Education and Training

M.A. (Distinction), Middle East and Islamic Studies - University of Exeter


Master's Thesis - "A Critical Reassessment of the Oslo Accords and the Establishment of the Palestinian Authority Security Forces as a Neoliberal Process" (Supervisor: Ilan Pappé)


B.A. - The Evergreen State College

Selected Publications

Trump Moves to Jerusalem.” The Huffington Post (December 5, 2017).


Israeli Settler Colonialism is the Obstacle to Peace.” The Huffington Post (December 19, 2016).

Teaching Interests



POLI 152 - Middle East Poliitcs

Teaching Assistant (TA):

POLI 152 - Middle East Politics
POLI 105C - Modern Political Thought
HIS 41 - The Making of the Modern Middle East
POLI 3 - Keywords: Concepts in Politics
POLI 1 - Politics: Power, Principle, Process, and Policy
POLI 17 - The U.S. and World Economy