(NEW!) ONLINE APPLICATION PROCESS (http://sis.ucdc.edu)

  1. Create an account at http://sis.ucdc.edu using your campus email address (@ucsc.edu). You will receive a confirmation email. The link provided in your confirmation email should simultaneously allow you to verify your identity, and begin the official application.

  2. Fill out all required information in the following application tabs: BASIC INFORMATION, ACADEMIC INFORMATION, STATISTICAL, and ADDRESS. After clicking “save progress” at the bottom of the page, click on the next red tab at the top of the page to advance to the next category.

  3. Under the ACADEMIC INFORMATION tab, upload resume, writing sample, statement of purpose, and unofficial transcripts (transcripts obtained through your my.ucsc.edu portal).


You are required to submit two letters of recommendation (if possible from faculty rather than TAs or employers).  The letters should be on letterhead, and emailed by the letter writer to ucdc@ucsc.edu.

Keep in mind that your letters will be used in two ways--as part of the application process for the program, and these same letters will also be used as part of the application process to secure an internship with potential employers, after acceptance into the program.

What should my letters of recommendation talk about?

  • The letter writers should clearly articulate how this program fits into your academic goals, and how your academic performance indicates your readiness for this program.  
  • They should talk about your strengths and how you might fare on a demanding academic program, away from home.  They might address your emotional maturity.

Who should the letter be addressed to?

  • The letter can be addressed to FACULTY SELECTION COMMITTEE, UCDC.
  • Letters of recommendation are confidential, should be on department letterhead and signed by the recommender.

Where should I tell the recommender to send the letter?

  • The letter should be sent to Marianna Santana, UCDC Coordinator, at ucdc@ucsc.edu.

When will the deadline be to submit the letter of recommendation?

  • Letters are due by the application deadline, although if more time is needed, letters will be accepted one week from the due date. Please send an email to ucdc@ucsc.edu explaining who will be sending it.


The deadline to apply for Spring 2015 will be in Fall Quarter (date tba) 2014. For more information contact Marianna Santana via email ucdc@ucsc.edu or 831-502-7307, the UCDC program coordinator in Merrill 10.